Introducing Evaluation Appraisals

Looking for a quick, low-cost alternative to a full appraisal?  An Evaluation may be right for you!  Legal in Tennessee, an Evaluation can be made on all property types, including commercial properties.  Evaluations can be USPAP-compliant and (the best part) can be half the price of a typical full Appraisal Report.

For Tennessee lenders, an Evaluation is an opportunity to value properties in your banks’ real estate portfolio for less money but with an opinion of market value from a qualified appraiser.  An Evaluation is your solution to lower costs and maintain standards for small loans of $250,000 or less.

Whether you’re a lender or a property owner just looking for a reliable market value, an Evaluation from Slater Appraisal Group may be the perfect fit for you.  Call us today to order your Evaluation Appraisal!